A Proud Journey

It was over half a century ago when thousands of Pakistani men arrived in Britain as part of the Empire Windrush facilitated by the British Nationality Act 1948. Largely unschooled and unskilled they became the bedrock of the labour force that built Britain’s war-ravaged economy.

From menial jobs at airports to driving busses in northern towns to filling near-abandoned foundries up and down the country to manning textile factories, these men toiled in double shifts to make a living. Within a few years they were joined by their wives equally ill-equipped but doubly industrious who not only raised their new-borns, they saved up enough from the pittance their husbands earned to buy mortgages and respectability for their families.

Politics and people of Britain have not always been kind to immigrant communities. Instead of commending the men and women who gave their youth and energy to build broken Britain, the government established a Cabinet committee in June 1950 to find “ways which might be adopted to check the immigration into this country of coloured people from British colonial territories”.

50 years on, the gloom of arrival has successfully been transformed into unrivalled boom. The sons and daughters of illiterate parents have graduated from Oxbridge and other elite educational institutions. From politics to economy to society to sport, British life is radiant with faces of Pakistani origin.

In 2009, UK Times London launched the Pakistan Achievement Award UK & Europe to identify and recognize the immense contribution that Britons of Pakistani heritage are making to the mainstream British life. In its seventh year in succession, the PAA has progressed successfully with the continuous support and appreciation of the community from all over the Globe

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