Pakistan Achievement Award International is a great achievement:

Malik Riaz (PML-N)

London (Special Rep) Malik Riaz, Senior vice president Pakistan Muslim
League N UK has said that Pakistan Achievement Award is in itself a
great achievement.

While talking to the media Malik Riaz a prominent leader of PML-N
expressed his concern on unity of the Pakistani Overseas Community and
expressed need to work on one platform. He further said that we may
belong to any political party but while living here in UK we should have
common concerns. We should put aside all our political affiliations when
talking about Pakistan. Pakistan should be the centre of our concern.

Meanwhile, we need to remember that 8th Pakistan Achievement Awards
International 2016 are scheduled to be held on 2nd December this year.
While expressing his views on Pakistan achievement awards Malik Riaz
vehemently declared that PAA Awards are a big achievement. Nobody could
do such a thing earlier. He further said that we should all support PAA.

Moreover, he assured his full support and all time cooperation for the
success of Pakistan Achievement Awards International.


PPP always gave prime importance to Overseas Community: Mehreen Raja

London (Special Representative) Pakistan People’s Party always gave prime importance to resolve the issues of the Overseas Community. Mehreen Anwar Raja Ex- Minister of PPP regime expressed these views in a special meeting with A-Haq Chairman Pakistan Achievement Awards Internal here at London.

Mehreen Raja paid laud tribute to the Pakistan Achievement Awards International, for its services in the promotion and uplift of the positive image of Pakistan by giving away awards to the stars of Pakistan and said that they deserve appreciation, support and encouragement at all levels. She eulogised the role of the Overseas Community of Pakistan and particularly the efforts of the entire team of Pakistan Achievement Awards International for holding such programs.

Mehreen Raja said that there was need for sincere effort on the part of the government of Pakistan to back up people like PAA team, encourage all such programs by bringing in front, giving maximum coverage and facilitating them in every possible way. Such programs deserve a lot. They are promoting talent and good image. They are introducing stars of Pakistan.
Mehreen Raja greeted the winners of the Pakistan Achievement Awards in advance and expressed doubtlessly that Pakistani Overseas community loves their country and offer all type of services and sacrifices in the time of need. These stars of overseas community have always helped the country on every call. A-Haq of PAA assured that the lucky winners of the Awards will always continue helping Pakistan.


Pakistan Achievement Awards International receives warm welcome at the Lahore Press Club.

Lahore (Special Representative) Chairman Pakistan Achievement Awards

International A – Haq has been accorded a warm welcome here at Lahore
Press Club on his short visit. The office bearers and the senior members
of the Club were there to receive the Pakistan Achievement Awards
International team. Lahore Press Club exchanged matters of mutual
interests in the meeting. A – Haq informed the scheduled 8th PAA program
being held on 2nd December this year in London.

The Chairman PAA A-Haq is respected by the Pakistani media as a sincere
spokesperson of the Pakistani Community at UK. He was paid due tribute
by the Lahore Press Club for his services to Pakistan and the Pakistani
Community around the world. Lahore Press Club lauded and encouraged him
for his untiring efforts and initiatives as unparalleled.

The meeting was hosted by Senior Zaheer Baber, Tajamul Gormani and other
senior members of the Lahore Press Club expressed their warm feelings
for the team of Pakistan Achievement Awards International including
Chairman PAA, A-Haq, Wasim Chaudhry, Atif Ansari and others. Due to
untiring efforts for the progress and prosperity of Pakistan and in
uplifting the image of Pakistan services of A-Haq were greatly lauded
and offered words of thanks.

The Lahore Press Club office bearers acknowledged the significant role
played by the Overseas Community through every ordeal that befalls
Pakistan which must not go unacknowledged.

A Haq thanked the Lahore Press Club for their warm welcome and support.
He said that he was happy to see that LPC is equally working hard in
their performing dissemination of information to the public and
promoting professional ethics.

He also said that they it is due to their steadfastness that Pakistani
Media has developed so fast. Development of print and electronic media
in Pakistan is a happy augury for all the Pakistanis. The entire team of
the Pakistan Achievement Awards also thanked the Lahore Press Club and
vowed to work together in close cooperation.



Presidential Award Winner Actor and Super Film Star arriving at PAA UK

Super Hot Star of Lollywood’s Javaid Sheikh assured arrival at 8th Pakistan Achievement Awards International UK.
The Legend Film Star of Pakistan Javaid Sheikh will join the 8th Pakistan Achievement Awards Intl.
Overseas Pakistani Community welcomes Javaid Sheikh’s announcement to join at PAA awards

London (special Representative) Javaid Sheikh, Showbiz Legend Film Star of Bollywood and Lollywood, the Winner of Pride of performance Award has formally announced participation in the coming 8th Pakistan Achievement Awards International. It is to be remembered that Javaid Sheikh had been decorated with the ‘Star of Pakistan’ Award last year.
Javaid Sheikh assured the PAA Chairman A Haq in his face to face meeting with him at Karachi (Pakistan) that he is looking forward to see the next program as much successful as the previous one. Javaid Sheikh appreciated the efforts of the PAA and termed them of great importance. He recalled his presence in the 7th PAA Awards when he was one of the winners of the PAA Award. He said that he was surprised to see the overseas community and people from around the Europe, Pakistan and UK in that program. He said that the way PAA team is promoting Pakistan, no other organization stands parallel to it. He said that such programs are the need of the hour and all support must be extended to help them in building soft and positive image of Pakistan. Overseas community is surely doing a wonderful job.
Javaid Sheikh called upon the government to support this program which is rendering invaluable services to Pakistan and the Pakistani Community living in various parts of the world. The Chairman PAA thanked him for his support and invited him to 8th PAA awards to be part of the team and hand in Awards to the Awards Winners. Javaid Sheikh gladly accepted the invitation and assured PAA team of his participation there.
In a press release issued by the Organising Committee of 8th Pakistan Achievement Awards International 2016 the spokesperson told that Javaid Sheikh the popular most celebrity of Pakistan Film Industry, will hopefully hand in awards to the award winners in the 8th PAA awards program scheduled to be held on 2nd of December this year.

Javaid Sheikh is Big Screen Actor, Director and Producer of movies. He has to his credit hundreds of movies. He has also performed in Bollywood movies and won popularity in the neighbouring country India as well. Javaid Sheikh has agreed to participation in the program despite his busy schedule. It reflects how committed he is to promotion of his country and everything associated to Pakistan.
The PAA representative told that overseas community here at UK is looking forward to his visit and participation in the Program. They are waiting impatiently the event. It is expected that a huge gathering will participate to be part of this program or watch this program.
The spokesperson of PAA also appealed to the Pakistani community and people around the globe to send names of their favourite nominees for the awards in the coming program. It was further told that Pakistani and British media, including electronic, radio and print Media will cover the program. The program audience as previous will include British members of the parliament, community people as well as guests from Pakistan and the European countries.



Abdul Sattar Edhi’s services will be remembered always: Spokesperson PAA

Humanity in mourning: Edhi leaves billions of bereaved following
Death of Edhi a great loss to humanity: PAA

London: (Special Representative) Abdul Sattar Edhi, a world renowned figure, a helper of the poor
souls in distress and destitute, orphans, widows and the home-less aged and the President of Edhi
Foundation Pakistan passed away around 11:00 p.m. in a hospital at Karachi. He was over 90 years
and was under intensive care for some days.
The spokesperson of Pakistan Achievement Award in a statement issued here tonight highly
appreciated the services of the departed soul. He said that we and our entire team feels gratified
over the moments we had together with Abdul Sattar Edhi. Now we have only memories; but surely
these memories are a great asset to us. He termed the demise of Abdul Sattar Edhi as an irreparable
loss not just to the Pakistani Community of UK and Europe but to the entire humanity. Edhi was such
a great person who sacrificed everything for the suffering humanity, the old, the homeless, the
widows, the poor, the destitute, the orphans the needy and the shelter- less but he himself lived a
simple life overlooking his personal needs. Such priceless people like him born rarely. No intensity of
mourning over his death can reduce the shock, the sadness and the sense of loss. His death has left
an unbridgeable gap which will have a deep mark on the history of people who served humanity.
The spokesperson recalled that it was PAA’s good luck to share some good moments with Abdul
Sattar Edhi in the 2011 event of Pakistan Achievement Award. The PAA team had bestowed Award on
him and titled as the ‘Star of Pakistan’. Abdul Sattar Edhi like great person perhaps never needed
such a title but surely by recognising his services for humanity, PAA has definitely increased its
credibility and estimation as an Organization of people which chooses only the truly great people for
the Award.
In the statement issued by the PAA, it is reiterated that even after his death, PAA shall in the
forthcoming event of PAA this year shall make an important announcement about Abdul sattar Edhi,
which will surely be regarded as a great contribution towards upholding his mission and of great
worth. It is also hoped that he heirs of the deceased will continue his mission. However, the
spokesperson of the PAA also called upon the Humanity Loving Community of the World particularly
the Pakistani Overseas Community in UK and Europe to support for the continuation of his mission
and Edhi Foundation Pakistan even more in future.


Star of Pakistan Award PAA 2015 this year for Syed Noor

London: In a meeting here at Lahore, A – Haq Chairman, Pakistan Achievement Awards UK & Europe invited Syed Noor to participate in the 7th Pakistan Achievement Awards UK & Europe 2015. He also declared Star of Pakistan Award in recognition of his services for the promotion and uplift of Film Industry as well as the name of Pakistan in the comity of nations. Syed Noor is the most prominent Film Director and hitherto unparalleled film script writer in Pakistan.

In a statement issued here the Chairman Pakistan Achievement Awards UK & Europe enumerated services of Syed Noor in promoting Pakistani culture and Film Industry are well known to everyone. He told that PAA 2015 has decided to nominate Syed Noor the greatest Film Director for the Award ‘PAA Star of the Year 2015’.

In the meeting Syed Noor was also presented a book of 2014. Syed Noor also thanked A – Haq and the PAA. He further told that Pakistan Achievement Awards UK & Europe has been rendering untold services to Pakistan as well as Overseas Pakistani community stationed in a foreign country. He also congratulated Pakistan Achievement Awards UK & Europe on holding 7th PAA . While expressing his good wishes Syed Noor said that he was proud over the fact that Pakistanis are working progressively, positively and promoting good name of Pakistan. The love of overseas Pakistanis is even greater than those living here. Before the meeting was adjourned Syed Noor prayed for the success of 7th PAA and expressed his full cooperation and ensured that he would attend the 7th Pakistan Achievement Awards UK & Europe at London.

7th Pakistan Achievement Awards UK & Europe 2015 will hold on Saturday 14th November 2015.

Please nominate your heroes at PAA official website

Pakistan Achievement Awards UK & Europe 2015 offers a platform for the British Designers, across the Globe to showcase this year!

The Pakistan Achievement Awards UK & Europe 2015 is pleased to announce the grandeur opening of its 7th succession year in progress. After the great accreditation received from our guests in the last year Awards 2014, in which for the first very time the PAA had launched a Fashion Show segment as a part in the Entertainment Section which had showcased the finest collection from designers all over the world.
As part of the Pakistan Achievement Awards UK & Europe 2015 evening ceremony we the Board is once again looking forward to create a memorable experience and would like to invite designers from all across UK the platform of the Pakistan Achievement Awards 2015 to showcase their collection on the ramp where the heroes of the community will also walk along who have been recognized for their contributions and achievements in the community
The Pakistan Achievement Awards UK & Europe 2015 welcomes everyone to grow and be a part of this celebration
We thank you all our patrons who over the last 7 years have contributed towards the success of these awards and we promise that this year we will showcase the true colors of the community and will enhance the image of Pakistan and the for its people all across the Globe.

The First Step and a big one – Pakistan Achievement Awards UK & Europe 2015 Embarks its journey …

On Sunday 15th March at the De Vere Canary Wharf London Saverah Women Expo celebrated the International Women’s Diaspora and had provided a platform for more than 5000 women to introduce and interact commercially and to promote the communities and extended a warm welcome to the Pakistan Achievement Awards UK & Europe 2015 and its Advisory Board Members for their first official public appearance to embark its journey for 2015.
The Expo has opened great avenues for the Muslim Women in UK and also to lead a way for the unsung women role model to be recognized for their contributions in fashion, trade and education towards this society. This will also be a great opportunity for such women to be nominated in the Pakistan Achievement Awards UK & Europe 2015.
The Pakistan Achievement Awards UK & Europe 2015 will mark its presence in all the leading cities both in the UK and Europe each Month and will set up a nomination panel through which everyone will be welcomed to nominate whoever they feel deserve this!
In its 7th year in succession, The Pakistan Achievement Awards UK & Europe 2015 is proud to welcome its patrons and its valued guests for a grand ceremony to be held on Saturday 14th November 2015 in London. We believe that we have come a long way and each year we just get bigger and better with the response and feedback we get from our participants and sponsors.
Pakistan Achievement Awards UK & Europe 2015 will be dedicated to the Youth as our tradition we have always dedicated or paid a tribute to a specific genre in all the previous years. We are yet again looking forward to creating a memorable event and wish all our nominees and members a prosperous year ahead.
For all further updates and information on the Pakistan Achievement Awards UK & Europe 2015 kindly log onto our website